School Volunteer Service Opportunities

School Readers
Purpose: To share stories with the students

    • Academic Tutor
    • Purpose: Assist the classroom teacher by reinforcing instruction to individuals or designated small groups

  • Teacher Clerical Helper
    • Purpose: Assist the classroom teacher with miscellaneous clerical tasks

  • Head Librarian
    • Purpose: Organizes and repairs books.  Assist students with finding and checking out library materials.

  • Library Aide
    • Purpose: Assist the classroom teacher by reinforcing instruction to individuals or designated small groups.  Assist students with finding and checking out library materials.

  • Playground Assistant Supervisor
    • Purpose: Assist the teacher with supervising students on the playground.

  • Lunchroom Supervisor
    • Purpose: Supervises and monitors behavior of students in the lunchroom

  • Mentor
    • Purpose: Mentor or tutor students in the following areas or as directed:
      • * Math facts
      • * Reading, either reading to or listening
      • * Spelling assistance
      • * Monitor make up tests.
      • * Tutor make up work
      • * Overall helping students to succeed.

  • Health Day Assistant
    • Purpose:  Assist the school secretary with weights and measurements of students.

  • School Picture Day Assistant
    • Purpose: Assist the school secretary with monitoring the traffic flow of students on picture days

  • Accelerated Reading (AR) Testing
    • Purpose:  Assist the classroom teacher by helping students take AR tests.

  • Technology Projects Assistance
    • Purpose: Assist the classroom teacher in supervising students in the computer lab.

  • Classroom Parent
    • Purpose: Plan and assist the classroom teacher with parties and celebrations.


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Parent-Teacher League (PTL) opportunities:

  • Officers, Executive Board:
    • President:  The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and have general supervision of the Association’s business.  He or she shall appoint all committees when necessary.
    • Vice President:  It shall be the duty of the vice-president to perform the duties of the president in the latter’s absence or when called upon by him or her to do so.
    • Secretary:  The secretary shall record the proceedings of all Association meetings and attend to all correspondence.
    • Treasurer:  It shall be the duty of the treasurer to handle all monies which this organization may have charge of; pay bills presented and approved by the Association and shall annually submit all records to the congregation’s auditors.  All money taken in must be turned over to the Church Treasurer within 24 hours. To pay bills a request needs to be made through the church treasurer or Principal
    • Liaison to the School Board:  It shall be the duty of the Liaison to the School Board is to interview the School Board Chairman and report back the Executive Committee any information or policy changes of interest to the PTL.
    • Publicity Coordinator:  It shall be the duty of the Publicity Coordinator to work with the President of the PTL and the school Principal to promote or advertise school and PTL activities.
    • Executive Board: It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to assist in preparing the agenda for the Association’s meetings in order to achieve the purpose of this Association.
    • Playground Development Committee
    • Purpose: This committee studies the feasibility and makes recommendations for creating, fundraising, and coordinating with the PTL and Board of Properties in purchasing and installing new playground equipment.
  • Sunshine Committee
    • Purpose: Sends cards for birthdays and anniversaries to all staff members; sends flowers for funerals and operations to a staff member and their family; acknowledges teacher baptism birthdays.
  • Welcome Committee
    • Purpose: Help to coordinate a welcome back potluck in September recognizing new students, families, and staff. Elicit church volunteers and coordinate calls to all St. Martin families personally inviting them to the fall back to school picnic.  Send cards or notes welcoming new families to the school and help new St. Martin teachers get acquainted to our community. Write follow up notes to families after given a tour of the school.
  • Fundraising Committee
    • Purpose: Work with the Principal and PTL to coordinate and evaluate the fundraisers of the school.
    • * SCRIP – help to coordinate volunteers for the SCRIP table after church services, help with orders, obtaining SCRIP participants, etc.
      • * Fun Fair – Coordinate Prize Room, Concessions, Raffle Items (donations) Games Setup and Takedown, and Publicity. 
      • * Ongoing activities: Collect Milk Caps, Soup Labels, Box Tops, and Econo Food Recipts
  • Mentoring Program
    • Purpose: Work with the Principal to coordinate the mentoring program, which assists students and teachers with necessary assignments, corrections, and study hall
  • Room Parent Coordinator
    • Purpose: A room parent coordinator is in charge of organizing parents to be in charge of the following parties for each grade: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Resurrection
  • Coaches for volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and softball.
    • Follow the guidelines of the adopted Sports Policy, September 2009.
  • Athletic Director for each sport
    • * Make certain coaches, athletes, and parents are following the guideline spelled out in the Sports Policy.
    • * Coordinate officials, transportation, volunteers, and practice sessions.
    • * Make recommendations to the PTL for uniform and equipment replacement for your sport
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